NEBOSH Certificate: Most Employers Prefer This Certification

There are some reasons why most employers relating to construction industry always prefer in appointing workers with a NEBOSH certificate in their kitty. NEBOSH is a body that acts as an examination board. This nodal agency came into existence in the year 1979. It is powered by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority of England. Also recognized by law as a charity, initially it started giving approval to various examinations in 1980. These examinations were conducted under stringent guidelines of numerous rules and regulations, which saw exam taker having the privilege of acquiring a Higher Level Certificate or an Ordinary Level one. It was some years later, its increased popularity among employers who relied on these certification, awarding Diploma to successful candidates arrived.

History in realm of health and safety in UK is renowned worldwide. Therefore, it was natural to see birth and wide acceptance of this regulatory body across this country. lam bang cao dang Both, government and people of this country have a very good understanding of safety and health laws prevailing in the country.

That is the reasons why most top-notch construction enterprises find it more suitable for them to trust workers who possess a requisite certificate that accredited by this regulatory body. This ensures two benefits to an employer who opts for candidates with such a certificate. Firstly, an employer is sure of efficiency, proficiency and capabilities of an employee. Secondly, since these employees versed with methodologies and technologies associated with daily work, chances of accidents and mishaps taking place on any given working day is either wiped out or reduced to minimal level. Additionally, adhering to choose competent workforce always add to delights of these employers who can expect reduced medical costs as well as secured lives of its workforce.

As such, role of this regulatory body is to prescribe guidelines within which NEBOSH training has to be provided to a candidate. The onus to conduct and impart this training and other examinations does not rest on shoulders of it. In fact, these responsibilities are carried by outside organizations that are specialist in training workers. Role of NEBOSH is restricted to authorizing such outside organizations and give accreditation to various degrees and diplomas on completion of a specified course. Importance of this training acquires immense importance for those working in the field of health and safety simply because it involves many human lives at large. Moreover, when most of the daily work in this industry warrants manual labor from its working staffs, accidents are bound to take place every now and then. Having qualified and trained workers gives a sense of relief to their employers in avoiding such accidents and mishaps. For these reasons, you can see a trend among managers in construction companies do not think twice before enrolling in a degree, certificate or diploma that has an accreditation by this regulatory body.

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